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As official distributors of Avon Protection products Hydro-C provide protective solutions for range of sectors such as energy, security and industrial across Iraq. Avon Protections world class products allow personnel to proceed with confidence and peace of mind.

Avon Protection are recognized as world leaders in CBRN, PPE and respiratory protection. Supplying protection solutions to the UK Ministry of Defence and other allies since the 1920’s and remaining the primary supplier of integrated protective equipment to NATO and the United States Department of Defence Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Special Operation Forces. The depth of understanding and innovative capability has put Avon Protection at the heart of many national defence and tactical Personal Protective Equipment deployment strategies. Avon Protection have shaped a reputation for quality you can rely on. Providing complete solutions for air, land and sea-based personnel in military, law enforcement, fire-fighting and industrial sectors worldwide.

Initially Avon Protection products are known for military and first responders, the product quality has created an expanding client base in other sectors, such as industrial, emergency services, marine, mineral and gas extraction.

More companies, crews and personnel are entrusting their health in the advanced capability of Avon Protections life critical protection systems. With investment in research and development to consistently meet demands to protect users in the most extreme environments, Avon Protection continues to lead the way.

Air Purifying Escape Respirator (APER)

Escape hoods are filtering respiratory protection devices that provide emergency protection in an event of a CBRN incident for a specified duration. These single use light weight respirators will give the user time to escape hazardous situations immediately. Even with long hair and/or wearing glasses, escape hoods can be deployed in less than 30 seconds, which make them for both first responders and civilians in an emergency.

Advantages of an Escape Hood:

  • Check Avon Protection PageMinimal Training Burden
  • Check Avon Protection PageRapid Deployment
  • Check Avon Protection PageLow-Profile/Lightweight
  • Check Avon Protection PageCan Be Used by Both FR/Civilian Personnel
  • Check Avon Protection PagePortable Respiratory Protection Solution
NH15 Compact Escape Hood


  • Check Avon Protection PageOil Refineries
  • Check Avon Protection PageChemical Facilities
  • Check Avon Protection PageGeneral Industrial Applications
  • Check Avon Protection PageTruck/Transportation
  • Check Avon Protection PageIndustries
  • Check Avon Protection PageMining/Drilling Applications
  • Check Avon Protection PageExecutive Protection


  • Check Avon Protection PageNO annual fit test requirements
  • Check Avon Protection PageNO maintenance or inspection requirements
  • Check Avon Protection PageThe NH15 is vacuum-packed in a multilayer barrier bag providing 5 years of shelf life
  • Check Avon Protection PageProtect more people with your budget
CRS15 CBRN Response System


  • Check Avon Protection PageFirst Responders
  • Check Avon Protection PageStrategically Important Individuals
  • Check Avon Protection PageSecurity Teams
  • Check Avon Protection PageCP Escorts/Teams
  • Check Avon Protection PageNon-Specialist First Response
  • Check Avon Protection PageMedia
  • Check Avon Protection PageCorporate
  • Check Avon Protection PageGovernment Staff
  • Check Avon Protection PageEmbassy Staff


  • Check Avon Protection PageFull Respiratory and Eye Protection
  • Check Avon Protection PageTouch Protection
  • Check Avon Protection PageDisposable Coverall
  • Check Avon Protection PageBiological Decontamination
  • Check Avon Protection PageChemical/TIC Decontamination
  • Check Avon Protection PageRucksack
  • Check Avon Protection PageInstruction Card
  • Check Avon Protection PageDisposal Bags
  • Check Avon Protection PageProtective Overboots

Air Purifying Respirators (APR)

Avon Protection offer a variation of APR masks covering Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Riot Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS) and Toxic Industrial Materials and NON-CBRN masks, which offer a lower cost of ownership while maintaining maximum reliability. Avon Protection have cleverly designed adaptable masks such as the FM53, which offers both positive pressure SCBA, PAPR and negative pressure APR/capability. The 50 series also cover other needs such as hydration and communications. For further customisation opportunities explore the Avon Protection product brochure to find the perfect accessories and more.

The high quality 50 series APR masks from Avon Protection have a wide range of applications such as:

  • Check Avon Protection PageCBRN Protection
  • Check Avon Protection PageTICs & TIMs Protection
  • Check Avon Protection PageCivil Support Teams
  • Check Avon Protection PageChemical Spill Cleanup
  • Check Avon Protection PageFirst Responders
  • Check Avon Protection PageBio Identification & Clean Up
  • Check Avon Protection PageClandestine Drug Lab Entry & Remediation
  • Check Avon Protection PageCorrectional Officers
  • Check Avon Protection PageSpecial Response Teams
  • Check Avon Protection PageLaw Enforcement
  • Check Avon Protection PageCounter Terrorism Operations
  • Check Avon Protection Pageand More...

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is used for entry and escape from hazardous atmospheres and contains a source of oxygen. Avon Protection has extended the adaptability of some of their APR masks by adding a lightweight, scalable, tactical SCBA set. Avon Protection have carefully considered the needs and demands of various SCBA uses.

With the ST50 SCBA holding the lowest cost of ownership within the industry and backed by a best-in-class warranty and service support program, a challenging budget can spread further covering more personnel with a comfortable, lightweight, high quality protection offered by the ST50, which is perfect for correctional facilities and plant security.

The ST53 SCBA offers different models to get the user in and out of a multitude of hazardous situations, from the world’s smallest, most compact, chemically hardened demand valve in the ST53SD, up to the revolutionary ST53 Plus. With the field proven multi-role RPE specifically designed for specialist applications, the ST53 Plus protects against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Riot Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Toxic Industrial Materials while maintaining extreme user flexibility as mission profiles change. It is no wonder why the ST53 plus SCBA is in high demand. For the very few situations that the ST50 and the adaptable flexibility offered throughout all the ST53 configurations may not be enough, there is the ST54 which provides the ultimate protection. Avon Protection designed the ST54 with the tactical multi-mission in mind, with non-reflective components and the flexibility to select the appropriate level of protection quickly and efficiently without degradation of operational effectiveness.

ST54 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

AvonAir is changing the CBRN environment, delivering configurable modules, adaptable protection, increasing time on task, reduced physiological burden and lowest cost of ownership, through the systems lifetime. Built around three adaptable modules: EZAir, MP-PAPR and CS-PAPR. Most common of the flexible AvonAir range is the intelligent EZAir blower motor, which automatically adjusts its flow rate, depending on the number of available filters and the system configuration.

AvonAir The First Adaptable Powered Air System

Underwater Systems

The Mine Countermeasures (MCM100) rebreather is a multi-capability under water life support system (LSS). The MCM100 acts as a configurable platform to meet multiple military Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA) requirements. It’s a fully closed circuit, electronically controlled, mixed gas rebreather CE tested to 100m.

MCM100 combined with the Core Intelligent Undersuit provides a competitive underwater solution. With detachable heating panels reducing the burden of maintenance and the unique combination of a 7-volt battery and over-current protection removing the risk of overheating, while allowing for a 2-hour battery endurance (if constantly heating all zones). The Core Intelligent Undersuit with it’s stealth and advanced electronics make the perfect partner to the MCM100 multi-role rebreather, which own is subtle for a large range of diving diciplines.

Suitable Diving Disciplines:

  • Check Avon Protection PageVery shallow Water Mine Countermeasure Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Check Avon Protection PageShallow (nitrox) Mine Countermeasures Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Check Avon Protection PageDeep (heliox/trimix) Mine Countermeasure Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Check Avon Protection PageMine Investigation and Exploitation (MIE)
  • Check Avon Protection PageSpecial Operations Forces (SOF)
  • Check Avon Protection Pageand More...

MCM100 - System Features

  • Check Avon Protection PageFully closed-circuit mixed gas electronically controlled constant oxygen partial pressure
  • Check Avon Protection PageCO2 cartridge options
  • Check Avon Protection PageAutomatic activation
  • Check Avon Protection PageSemi-automated pre-dive
  • Check Avon Protection PageSoftware updates
  • Check Avon Protection PageExtremely low breathing resistance
  • Check Avon Protection PageLong life rechargeable internal batteries
  • Check Avon Protection PageSealed electronics unit
  • Check Avon Protection PageWater tolerant breathing circuit and water dump systems
  • Check Avon Protection PageOxygen sensors and circuitry protected from moisture and water ingress
  • Check Avon Protection PageComposite cylinders as standard
  • Check Avon Protection PageA discreet head up display (HUD) indicating equipment status
  • Check Avon Protection PageBack-light LCD display with command-based alarm systems
  • Check Avon Protection PageAutomatic diluent gas addition valve
  • Check Avon Protection PageManual gas addition valves
  • Check Avon Protection PageHigh pressure DIN fittings
  • Check Avon Protection Page3 independent digital oxygen sensors
  • Check Avon Protection PageAdvanced digital oxygen sensor voting logic and automated ‘bad sensor’ removal
  • Check Avon Protection PageData acquisition ‘black box’ facility with Bluetooth capability
  • Check Avon Protection PageOn-board decompression algorithm
  • Check Avon Protection PageDigital carbon dioxide sensor
  • Check Avon Protection PageDigital HP gas monitoring

Further Information

Avon Protection are constantly innovating protective technology to produce market leading life critical protection systems. Offering flexibility and adaptability, our high-quality products and accessories provide protection across a multitude of situations. Put together the perfect protective solution, click to open the product catalogue below.

Avon Protection Product Catalogue 2021

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