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Hydro-C are proud to be the official distributors of Contact Instruments products, providing high quality pressure gauges across Iraq.

Contact Instruments has been meeting their clients’ needs globally since 2013 providing hydraulic and electronic solutions for all drilling and instrumentation needs. The Contact Instruments team have a wealth of knowledge in the Oil and Gas industry, enabling them to provide the perfect solution to a wide range of issues that you may experience with your instrumentation.

Contact Instruments is one of Canadas only (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturers of drilling instruments, so naturally it’s of paramount importance to maintain the competitive edge in the global drilling and well servicing market.

Supplying solutions worldwide, Contact Instruments understand the importance of efficiency. That’s why all Contact Instruments products are assembled and put through a rigorous quality check in their Canadian production facility (Leduc, Alberta). Offering timely deliveries of superior reliable products as standard, from a simple replacement part to a complete instrumentation rig-up has given Contact Instruments the global edge.

Contact Instruments are constantly refining their products, steadily adding more value to their clients through innovation delivered at the best possible price.

Weight Indicator Systems

Contact Instruments weight indicator systems are durable, reliable and user friendly. These low maintenance systems are very accurate making them perfect for floor block applications, tool protection and well workovers.

With accurate readings on tension, compression, and weight, Contact Instruments weight indicators systems help avoid issue in line tension while meeting a wide range of diverse drilling needs including:

  • CheckBulk Tank
  • CheckMidget
  • CheckElectronic Midget
  • CheckDeflection Type
  • CheckCoil Tubing
  • CheckElectronic Coil Tubing
  • CheckDifferential
  • CheckWireline
  • CheckHead Weight Indicators

Electronic Gauges

Working with high pressures make for a dangerous workplace. That’s why the safety of oil field operators is of the utmost importance. That why Contact Instruments provide Electronic Gauges that are equipped with alarms and options for cutting output on high pressure pumps, while helping to minimize high pressure in the lines, contributing to operation control and the safety of the operator.

Electronic Equipment:

  • CheckCoil Tubing Weight Indicators
  • CheckElectronic Midget Weight Indicators
  • CheckElectronic Pressure Gauges
  • CheckPump Pressure & Pump Stroke Gauges
  • CheckTong Torque Gauges
  • CheckSafety Tek Reset Switches
  • CheckElectronic Hook Load Sensors
  • Check2 Types of Digital Pressure Gauges
Contact Instruments CEG25 Digital Pressure Gauge

Mud Pressure Gauges

Contact Instruments premium-quality mud pressure gauges and systems are engineered to monitor pump pressure with extreme accuracy for a variety of pumps and applications. Gauges are liquid filled to dampen the effect vibrations and pulsations have on the gauges dial pointer, ensuring optimum performance and precision.

Standpipe Pressure Gauges

Contact Instruments manufacturers a complete line of stand pressure gauges. All Gauges are available in 2” NPT, 1502 hammer union or flanged connections. Contact Instruments liquid filled rugged standpipe pressure gauges are designed with an internal dampening system reducing gauge fluctuation ensuring a smooth, reliable, accurate reading in extreme conditions.

Contact Instruments mud gauges are available in Type D (type-4) or Type F (type-6) versions

Contact Instruments Standpipe Gauge Type-D
Contact Instruments Standpipe Gauge Type-F
Contact Instruments Standpipe Unitized Mud

UMG - Standpipe Pressure Gauges

Contact Instruments Unitized Mud Gauge utilizes a ni-span bourdon tube providing extra durability and precision. With a 6” dial Contact Instruments UMG provides high visibility at a decent distance.

The sub of the Contact Instruments’ UMG is made from 17-4 PH Stainless for extra toughness. There are also two options for the sensor cup, rubber for standard and VITON for more demanding applications.

Torque Gauges & Systems

Contact Instruments Tong Line Pull system indicates the force that is applied to a tool joint by generating a hydraulic signal that is sent through the hose to the liquid filled gauge for a precise reading.

Designed for rigs using a chain driven rotary table, Contact Instruments Hydraulic Rotary Torque System, known as ‘HydroMech’, enable drillers to detect any change in the rotary torque and eliminate twist offs.

Contact Instruments Tong Torque systems include:

  • Check6” or 8.5” Torque gauge
  • CheckTension or Compression Load Cell
  • CheckHigh Pressure Hose
  • CheckInstrument Hand Pump
  • Check1 Litre All Weather Instrument Fluid55
  • CheckAvailable in Box or Panel Mount
Contact Instruments Torque Turn Systems
Contact Instruments Compression Load Cell

Load Cells & Pressure Sensors

Contact Instruments load cells and pressure sensors are manufactured for extreme accuracy and durability. Built to manage any load and designed to withstand moisture and corrosive atmospheres they are ready to meet your requirements.

Engineered for precision and created to withstand the harshest of industrial environments Contact Instruments load cells and pressure sensors provide years of reliability. These premium quality load cells and pressure sensors are extremely versatile, supporting a multitude of functions such as Wireline Units, Power Tongs, and Flushby Rigs.

Trash Pump Parts

Trash Pumps are essential in the oil and gas industry. Contact Instruments premium trash pumps parts are of the highest quality, engineered to provide reliability, durability, and strength for professional applications, giving them a great life span. However, these heavy-duty trash pumps require regular maintenance and over time may need repaired or replaced.

Trash Pump Parts:

  • CheckImpellers
  • CheckVolutes
  • CheckRegular Seal Kits
  • CheckPremium Seal Kits
  • CheckBrass Wear Rings
  • CheckElbows
  • CheckPump Stands
  • CheckPump Stroke Counters
Contact Instruments Trash Pump Parts - Impeller

Custom Cables

Contact Instruments provide a variety of cables & custom cables to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. Contact Instruments cables are developed in house by expert technicians and engineered specifically for drilling rigs, onshore and offshore.

Cable assemblies are assembled, overmolded and 100% computer tested. these Polyurethane cables and overmold material are used to provide a watertight seal to allow the cables to be used in harsh environments.

Contact Instruments cables are customized and engineered for your specific needs. Created with care and built to last in the harshest of conditions. Contact Instruments cables can resist extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, moisture, mud, and oil.

Contact Instruments cable include:

  • CheckOvermold Custom Cables
  • CheckTorque Turn Computer Cables
  • CheckCCTV Rugged Use Cables
  • CheckCables Test Boxes
  • CheckCable Junction Blocks
  • CheckAutomotive Connector Overmolding
  • CheckCustom Cable Solutions
  • CheckHeavy Equipment Connectors
  • CheckMolded Cables

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